Generally-speaking, the arrow is the universal symbol of overcoming normal conditions; a mental anticipation of the conquest of something exceptional. The arrow also indicates the direction in which we seek identification, in the sense that it is only through differentiation that a being achieves its identity, realising its individuality and expressing its personality.
It is a symbol of unification, decision and synthesis; and it is also a symbol of brilliant intuition, knowledge and fulfilment.
The imprint of an arrow, made with a rudimentary mould, directly on the rippled surface of the soil was the inspiration behind the design of the bottle for Policalpo. This wine is named after the vineyard where it originates, while the symbol of the arrow expresses not only the concepts mentioned above but also the attitude of a constant upward trend, a continuous quest to improve quality, for a wine that maintains a distinctly experimental character over time.
The dark steel colour obtained with the silk-screening technique conveys a complex and stratified personality, communicating the identity of a rich and engaging wine.