Passum is developed around the Phi symbol. A symbol that combines ancestral memories and modernity.
A graphic sign that is the result of expressive research, an exercise in writing to achieve the most eloquent gesture, full of strength and formal quality, but also of imperfections that guarantee its communicative effectiveness. In order to emerge on a visual level, the symbol is silk-screened directly onto the body of the bottle, creating a perceptive contrast with the glass, with its transparency, but also with the chromatic depth of the wine itself.
The result is a permanent, indelible sign that suggests conservation of the object and presents itself with its aesthetic values, ennobling the container and freeing it from all other information. The details are positioned on the capsule, emphasising the essential character of the body of the container.
(Valeria Bucchetti, from the cataloghe of the exhibition ‘Enografie’, Turin, 2008).