The new vineyard at Bricco Borio: here are the figures

Planting a vineyard has always been a gesture of optimism, even more so nowadays. At Cascina Castlèt, we have endless amounts of optimism and faith in the future, along with plenty of tenacity.

After four years of hard work (exactly 1334 days from the first excavation), the arrangement of wires and posts that are going to support the 22,170 vine stocks planted on the hill of bricco Borio in Costigliole d'Asti has finally been completed. We are in the heart of the area that bears our family name. Gently rolling hills, facing south. On a clear day you can take in the entire circle of the Piedmontese Alps, with Monviso acting as sentinel. 

The new vineyard is divided into four plots that form a single body occupying an area of 43,600 square metres.

That's over four hectares, which is equivalent to eleven Piedmontese “giornate”, the measurement traditionally used by farmers in this area. To give you an idea, it’s the size of five football pitches, or thirteen times the size of the Coliseum or 200 times the size of Milan's La Scala theatre!

When the vineyard is fully in production, it will give us up to 36,000 bottles of wine.

And here are some more numbers that offer an indication of just how hard we’ve worked.

The rows in the new vineyard run horizontally around the hillside (giropoggio) and have 392 end posts and 4,042 intermediate posts.

To complete the “furnishings”, 152.26 km of metal wire, which is more or less the distance between Cascina Castlèt and Milan Linate, have been used. It is on this incredible stave that, like musical notes, the grapes will grow. A new compisition every year. A new concert just waiting to fill us with emotion.