Cascina Castlèt at Chuseok Korea 2022 with Wink Trading

Cascina Castlèt is happy to know that, this year, for the first time, our Barbera Vespa and our Moscato will be uncorked during the most important national holidays in South Korea: Chuseok Event!


Chuseok is the most traditional and loved national holiday, in South Korea (quite similar to the traditional thanks giving day in US).

From 9th to 12th of September, Korean people will meet together, living a in a friendly atmosphere, sharing food and gifts, together with friends and family.

For this great event, our new Korean partner Wink Trading is offering a special hand wrapped “gifts sets” with our Barbera and Moscato.


Cascina Castlèt wish to all the Korean people to enjoy Chuseok and our wines!