Cascina Castlèt 50th harvest: thanks to the support of all those of you

Before writing to you, I waited until the soil was ready for the planting of my new vineyard. At this moment in which our lives are somewhat suspended, in which the uncertainty we are experiencing is frightening, I wanted to send you a message of hope, because planting a vineyard is a symbol of the future that lies ahead.

In 2020, Cascina Castlèt will be celebrating its 50th harvest. This is a milestone, both in terms of hard work and life, reached thanks to the support of all those of you who have accompanied us on our journey over the years. I would love to have the opportunity to be able to thank each and every one of you face to face, and I look forward to a time when this will be possible.

For the moment, you will find a symbol of my thanks for your company during this 50-year journey on our new bottles. It is a little gold coloured mark and each mark is a thank you.

Meanwhile, Nature keeps on working its wonders. And we keep on working responsibly, the way we always have, in the vineyard, cellar and office. 

We are also going to keep you up to date with what we are doing and how we are doing it through our social network profiles.

We are coping with the current situation with a great sense of civic duty and respect for the rules being imposed.

I would like to close with the words of Carlin Petrini: “This is the time for solidarity, not competition”.