For our Winery, respecting tradition does not mean becoming entrapped in nostalgia for the past: quite the opposite, a winery is like a fine wine and must age well and nobly while constantly reaching out towards the future. This is why we invest so much in searching for ways in which to satsify our customers' requests, while never losing touch with our own, rather special, identity.
For some years now we have been preparing a brand new wine and this year we are proud to present CastletRosé, a wine designed above all in the vineyard, according to our traditions. CastletRosé belongs to a category of wines that are currently enjoying great success – we have simply added our own personal and, we believe enjoyably fascinating, slant.
CastletRosé has been created to satisfy the desire for a fresh, uncomplicated yet engaging, harmonious and pleasurable wine experience. CastletRosé possesses the subtle perfumes of the spring and summer and delights the eye with its luminous and brilliant colour. Easy to drink, it is the perfect wine for sharing carefree moments with friends.
We are proud to present this new wine which takes pride of place in our Winery this year. So proud, in fact, that we have decided to call it by the Winery's name and, for the label, use the family photo that we employ on bottles of our finest Barbera.

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