General information and access to the web site.

The current web site has been drawn up having as its main reference point the company image of Cascina Castlet and the guidelines issued by the World Wide Web Consortium, the international organisation that deals with the creation of web standards.

One of the main aims of the current web site is to offer everybody, able or otherwise, a complete and correct access to all the information contained therein.
The site has thus been submitted to various tests using different operating systems and hardware settings and different surfing software. Help was then given by some blind people, who furnished precious information aimed at improving general access to the site. Besides objective checks, also subjective checks have been carried out.

Uploading the site has also been made as fast as possible: the site code and animation have been optimised, making surfing quick even for those who access with slow connections.

The web site makes use of some animated features created by means of Adobe Flash technology. Even in this case said animated features are rendered accessible, and should the surfer not have the necessary technology on his/her own computer, an alternative is offered so as not to exclude the user from the various information.


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Photographs: Franco Bello

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