A Taj

A Taj is a name that is strangely fascinating, it makes one think of a long-lost village in the South Seas, whereas it was chosen because it is a Piemontese saying that is used when an event or something reaches the right moment: A ven a taj, to come at the right moment, as might be said using a slightly dated expression, and this chardonnay has arrived at exactly the right moment; Cascina Castlet lacked a dry white wine that was both international and autochthonous, for chardonnay from the Costigliole area is now a centuries-old tradition dating back to the second half of the 1800s. We have chosen the white bottle so that the wine might fully express its brilliance, immediately showing its enormous joie de vivre, for it is a rich but easy-to drink wine, without asperity, undemanding; those who imbibe this wine are immediately aware of its potential, which evolves over time.
On the label, the name “A Taj” is to be found in the centre of a cloud of names that were possible alternatives, names suggested by friends, restaurateurs, producers and journalists who took part in a competition to find a suitable name; there are some lovely and not-so-lovely names, some highly suitable and others less so, but we have left them as they were, chosen from more than 350, because each sums up one of the features of this wine, a wine produced from a vine known all over the world but that, as always happens in the wonderful world of wine, in every zone offers up a different personality.
In summer, be it with a simple sandwich or served with great shellfish dishes, A Taj is exhilarating.

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